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Exposed The False Prophecy of 3 Days Of Darkness on Passover 2019 - A Short Satire With Some Humor!
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Published 10 months ago |
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Last Year in 2019 this was a serious danger to YAH'S children. So warnings were sent from YAHUVEH GOD about the danger of randomly going to websites such as when Ezra fell into deception after being deceived by reprobates appearing the be holy. These evil ones were manifesting demonic and fallen angel occult words. To make matters worse there also were others deceived people around the world spreading the same panic and chaos around the world. Please be careful wherever you go.

Parodying, mocking & exposing Erez' false prediction, word from hell of 3 Days of Darkness April 2019 that all of us who didn't believe their false word from hell would be breathing nuke dust! Rather than false prophecy, we call it a word from hell because this was so shameful we don't want to defile the word "Prophecy."


2019 Elisheva Eliyahu live KNOCK-OUT talk to Ezra Caleb

2019 Elisheva Eliyahu Live Heart Talk to Ezra Caleb

Don't Muzzle MY Prophets – Original Song AmightyWind Ministry

Receive YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH as your LORD &SAVIOR today! Only HIS BLOOD can wash your sins away, and HIS NAME, get you to Heaven!
Please read this important WARNING here: Because of the spiritual danger to your soul, do NOT go to Ezra from Israel's evil website or channel, this is a Thus Saith YAHUSHUA. Also if you go to these fallen angels' cyber space, your IP address will be on the terrorist list of USA, Israel and other nations they've threatened e.g. threatening everyone who didn't believe their false prediction so called prophecy of 3 days of darkness on April 19, 2019, they said would be breathing nuke dust! The authorities of the 3 surrounding counties where they live together, their USA ranch compound, are also watching them including their Go daddy website and Gator host, because of the personal death threats they've made and their suspicious activities. The sheriff is watching them and targeting their website. There are orders of protection waiting to be served to this group. Their web hosts are watching what they post daily for the death threats made against Elisheva Eliyahu, and others.


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