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What did Bill Tompkins say?
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Published 7 months ago |
There was a man named William Tompkins
who wrote a book called Selected by
Extraterrestrials in 2015 and then he
passed away in August of 2017 when he
was 94 years old.

He divulged some amazing and verifiable
information about the US Navy, World
War II and involvement with various

Within what is known as the “Disclosure”
community he was both a revelation and
a blessing. He was a genuinely nice
man who had a tremendous amount of
information to share.

The question always remains though,
“Did he get everything right?”

This is what Bill said AFTER he
passed and as one who successfully
transitioned and is now a Light

What you are about to discover here
was obtained via a channeling session
with Bill in November of 2017.

We asked him the following question:

What are the four types of aliens that
you were referring to on pages 369
through 371 in your book Selected
by Extraterrestrials?

and this was his answer:


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