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Chapter 7: Standing for Truth
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Published 2 months ago

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Chapter 7: Standing for Truth

What we do next time, and what we do now.  

References included in this chapter (except as limited by description length limit):

109. (2:05) Shockingly enough, communism also figured prominently in the forces that supported the Covid-19 vaccine agenda: “Every global predator we could identify is financially wedded to and filled with admiration for, not the United States or other Western democracies, but for Communist China and totalitarianism…This menacing group includes most of the world’s billionaires and major institutions of the West, and it is backed by the Chinese Communist Party.” (emphasis original). COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey. Peter Breggin, Ginger Breggin. Preface. Nov 2021. Lake Edge Press.

110. (2:16) Text of President McKay’s talk here:, audio available here: 

111. (3:29) For further information on this topic, see “The War in Heaven on Earth Today” at

112. (4:07) As published by Whitney Webb and Unlimited Hangout, “Thus, by exploiting the human needs for physical and social survival a war is born … carefully imposed from conception through planning to its incarnation in flesh and blood” Hughes, Kyrie & Broudy “Covid -19 Mass Formation or Mass Atrocity” 29 Nov 2022. 

113. (4:42) “A Reckoning Is Coming. Can They Escape It?”, Tracy Beanz,,
, 22 Aug 2022.

114. (5:03) Paraphrasing Thomas Jefferson’s proposed motto for the United States “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God”, 

RUMBLE VIDEO LINK (6:10): “How Civil Disobedience Safeguards Freedom and Prevents Tyranny" 

VIMEO VIDEO LINK (6:29): Non-Compliant Movie 

BITCHUTE VIDEO LINK (6:48): “Full Film: Must Christians Obey the Government” 

References 115-117 continued in E-Book here:  

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