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We have never called ourselves “Truthers” or aligned ourselves with the Truth movement. We're artists and what we have done is document history by producing content based on research, facts and ideas; weaving them all together into easy to grasp concepts and digestible narratives through intuition and informed speculation.

The Truth is that your life and how you lived it is over unless you do something about it now. It's time to break up with politicians because no matter who they are, they have their interests in mind before yours. The current presidential election cycle is an illustration of that. It was and is a planned, live event and no one will like the outcome. Sometimes the truth hurts but we feel we need to say what we do in this video essay. Enjoy The Truth.

Please tell your friends about our page and encourage them to support us. We are creatives that illustrate the current narratives that often go undetected in mainstream reporting.

We are not reporters, though. We are artists, painters, writers, designers and visual interpreters.

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