Let Freedom Ring! Mass State Assembly Podcast 6: Medical Freedom on Land & Soil Jurisdiction
35 views • 05/19/2022
Informative conversation and discussion with Ronald Carriveau, Co-coordinator of the Massachusetts State Assembly and Kenzie Rhodes, a former Commonwealth of Massachusetts financial manager with the Department of Children and Families who witnessed the rollout of senseless and unhealthful rules imposed on children through the whole COVID plandemic and was then told her religious exemption to exempt her from the COVID injection being mandated for State employees was denied.

As a consequence, after she researched her options and changed her jurisdiction, she was suspended and then terminated, making her a very vocal proponent of the medical and health freedoms as all others available under Common Law on the Land and Soil jurisdiction of the true USA.

In addition Kenzie shares information on Conflict of Interest evidence from Charlie Baker, governor or CEO of the State of Massachusetts corporation, who seems to be operating health care and insurance companies in addition to playing public official, which might answer for the mandatory tests, mask, and vaccines repressing everyone in Massachusetts which he has rolled out.

We discuss the whole phenomenon of medical and health freedom as well as preservation of all other freedoms on the Land and Soil Jurisdiction of the USA, which is what Anna von Reitz has helped revive now, and which anyone who is an American can claim, by stepping out of or expatriating from US corporate citizenship and doing the 1779 Declaration on the American States Assembly website.
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