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AR. MMS vs. ANTIBIOTICS: Which is cheaper, faster and stronger against Strep, UTI's, Ear and Sinus Infections?
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Chlorine Dioxide DIY (MMS/CDS)
Published a year ago |
After helping to raise 7 kids in my family, I have learned a lot about how to take care of them when they get sick. Ear infections, Strep, Sinus Infections and UTI's are some of the most common things that happen in the home. I raised them using Ibuprofin, Doctor Visits and Antibiotics when they got sick. Now, I've learnd that there is a better way for these basic sicknesses. Here, I compare the time, money and productivity savings that happen when you learn how to use MMS, compared to the traditional medical ways. The numbers (especially the costs) are pretty insane. As more people learn the truth about MMS and how it works, the more we will experience a giant paradigm shift in how we use medicine...and this comparison is just the cheap perscription medicines. UPDATE...I forgot to mention in the video that kids should also be started with a Starting Procedure (Video E) so that they don't have trouble with the dosages in a protocol. It should be ok though because even with smaller dosages, they will begin to recover.
Chlorine DioxideAntibioticsMMSUTIEar InfectionStrepSinus Infection

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