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There's holes in The descriptions of Allah
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Christian Prince Mirror
Published a month ago |
There's holes in The descriptions of Allah

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There's holes in The descriptions of Allah is about Christian prince ranting about how muslim scholar always lack of awareness of themself, they love to make up stories whenever talk to larger audience. Because in this world there's no more gullible population like muslims. If Christian can bravely reject the majority, muslim can't or they can be accused as kuffar and be easily killed.

Here shown how Muslim scholar visiting christian school and mocking their statues as idols etc. But do you know that in Quran Allah commands the Sulaiman and Daud to make the house of God filled by statue? Do you know why muslim kiss the black stone to get absolution of their sins? They only know that Muhammad did that and they following the example of mankind Muhammad (Pbuh). But also they're actually aren't following what Muhammad (Pbuh) do 100% : like marrying adopted kid's wife, be infested by lices, be a stinky because likes to take a bath with dirty water, cross dressing w/ wives clothing, try to do suicide themself, etc. Deep inside they're desperate with their prophet, they know the Good and the Bad but they still insist grasping the last hope of their prophet and religion being the noblest one.

The Truth doesn't lie.
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