America's Hell Fire Club - Peter Alexander An Eye Witness to Murder December 10, 2012
32 views • 06/14/2022

There have been a few whistle blowers that have come forward with confessions. One was Peter Alexander.

When world leaders are "supposedly" pretending to offer a human effigy in fiery sacrifice to a 40 foot shrine in the middle of the woods, it’s hard to believe it is only symbolic.

It appears that the ancient Canaanite and Hebrew deity “Moloch” is represented at the “Cremation of Care” Bohemian ritual by a 40 foot tall owl figure. Shrouded in flames, this owl deity is surrounded by Druidic priests and other characters. During the ceremony, chosen “victims” are sacrificed. Their screams and shrieks pierce and shatter the still night air.

These satanic abominations are being performed by some of the most powerful men on earth. They imagine that their grievous behavior is hidden from God, you and me. But God sees all. His judgment awaits.

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