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The Alien Deception
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How the Aliens Deceive
[00:57:37]: Would it be accurate to say that no good alien has an agenda to physically appear to humans?
Yes, this is quite accurate and will be shocking and a great disappointment to many. For others, it will be a reason to dismiss all we have said as being the very thing we purport to expose, namely that we ourselves are an imposter in this exchange because they have come to believe in their alien friends as being allies, and working to help humanity, and promising great events to come. This, unfortunately, is another ruse and it is another way they operate, appearing in the physical to human beings as friendly, and as wishing to help, and with a good story about how they are going about that, and generating a feeling of trustworthiness, and acceptance, and often awe, and loving feelings in the bargain. This is a form of mind control. Whenever a physical alien appears, it begins to instill feelings and perceptions within the human subject, to engage their trust, to disarm them and make them highly interested and accepting of their presence as a great honor and a promising source for future gains. And so this is a subterfuge and a manipulation from first to last. [00:59:39]

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