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Are YOU Just Winging It?-NOW THE END BEGINS-FEB 18 2024
Published 2 months ago

Many times in our Christian lives, we reach moments, the true importance of which may not be as of yet apparent, where decisions need to be made that will have long-lasting and far-reaching implications, but we are not sure what the will of the Lord is for us in that situation. So we do…what? Wait for the Lord to definitively speak? And if He doesn't, what then, just wing it? Maybe the answer lies in doing a little bit of both. Paul says that all Christians are soldiers under orders, that we have ground to take and occupy for the Lord, and that we will find the performance of these duties here on Earth to be of paramount importance at the Judgment Seat of Christ. Roger that. But what if the path grows faint, and orders from Central Command are not immediately forthcoming, what then? It is in those moments where you will have to wind up 'winging it', not as lost people do but winging it with the full knowledge of Who the Lord is, and understanding a little bit about His character and nature. Paul in Acts 20 'wings it' and winds up in prison when he didn't have to be, but when you look at the reason why he did, he was actually piling up blessing for himself. On this Sunday Service, is it the Lord's will or are you just winging it? Tune in and find out!

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