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273) Your cell phone will enslave you in the internet of Bodies
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Credits to the channel The American Debt Slave: December 25th, 2021 | Nano-Routers | The Source of the MAC ADDRESS:


The presenter and his guest are discussing MAC addresses and the document put together by Mik Andersen entitled "Intracorporal Nanonetwork", which explains how the jabbed are being incorporated into the Internet of Bodies.  Document available at

Regarding the clip from the movie "Gamer" on nano cells replacing human cells and taking over the brain: remember that the neuronal networks of the brain operate on the principle of plasticity.  In other words, they are built by the brain in response to actions taken by the person.  For example, it takes time to build a neuronal network for reading.  Networks that go unused are dismantled by the brain and recycled.  I would therefore posit that if artificial nano cells replicate inside the brain, very soon there would be no human neuronal networks remaining, but solely artificial ones.  (See "What is Neural Plasticity?"

In the clip, the man explains that "Nano + Cortex = Nanex".  A search for "" brought up a crypto exchange platform formerly called RaiBlocks and now called, which is described here: NANO: The Faster, Cheaper, Greener Bitcoin, Oct. 08, 2021 Nano USD (NANO-USD) (

My website is available at ForLifeonEarth: for more information on my work:

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