Powerful Song "Ready" - No one knows the day and the hour!!!
80 views • 09/28/2021
The inspiration for that powerful song derived from a stupid discussion about the verse in Matthew 24:36 saying: "But of that day and hour no one knows..."
The words came in August 2011, so now almost exactly 10 years ago
And they are even more relevant in the days we are living in.
The Lyrics are included in the video.
Be Ready at any time!!!

The music has a watermark, which is slightly audible
If you want to buy it in best quality without that watermark, it's up to you.
I receive a provision of it, but it still helps keep going..
Depends on the license if private or commercial the price is different - both surely without the hissing watermark.
Simply use the link at Pond 5 below – you won't find it anywhere else, as I am selling my music and footage's exclusive there.


Or if you need, buy and license my footages for your video that I have exlusively at Pond5 - https://www.pond5.com/artist/bindernowski
Alternative if you arre looking for more/other stuff go over the referal and start shopping https://www.pond5.com/?ref=Bindernowski

The footages and photos in this video are mainly my own, some of them also on Pond5

It will help me to buy food and continue producing more music.

Or if you feel led by the Holy Spirit to donate directly, any amount is greatly appreciated.
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