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YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED: Q&A with Lynette Zang and Eric Griffin
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Published 7 months ago |

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Question 1. AK: Hi Lynette and Eric, when you do your Q&A could you please say in very lemans terms why Lynette thinks the economy will crash on Feb. 26th.
Question 2. Dan H: The New Zealand central bank holds no gold! Any idea what happens to the country’s that don’t hold gold during and after a reset?
Question 3. Steven L: I didn’t quite understand what’s going on with MM funds buying 80%+ of these packaged toxic waste from Fannie. Was there some sort of misrepresentation by Fannie to sell them? What can they say to even remotely convince these MM funds this kind of stuff qualifies in their funds?
Question 4. Larry G: You suggest holding cash on hand. Then you say that the value of the dollar will go to $0. So aren’t you losing any value the dollars once had? Meaning that any cash you are holding at the reset becomes worthless. You could lose a lot of money (buying power) holding cash.
Question 5. Ron L: How will the reset affect those who don’t yet own a home but will want to purchase one after the reset with the gold they own now?

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