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P.4 Australian doctors gagged, and worse, by AHPRA, for questioning official Covid edicts. John Flint exposes his own complicity in the Sunday Times MVI_9626-7merged
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Journalist par non-excellence, John Flint, exposes himself on pages 31 to 33 of the Western Australian Sunday Times January 8th 2023 edition, by reporting on the travails of several Australian medical professionals who have run foul of AHPRA’s rules, and have been hobbled, or worse, after publishing dissenting views to various official edicts and advice regarding Covid-19 measures. Flint has been a champion of spruiking for the likes of AHPRA, TGA, ATAGI, the health departments throughout Australia, etc., for what is probably at least the last couple of years in the local papers I read. Now he is factually, for a change, writing of the legitimate complaints of several professionals who are being denied their freedom of speech rights, while neglecting to note that he has been instrumental in promoting just such abrogations.

Note: I am expressing my opinions, and my assessments may be invalid, especially when I question the ethics, connection-to-reality, and motives of John Flint, the doctors and medical people, and any others, in this series of videos. Disclaimer: I am not giving medical advice, I am not medically qualified; do your own research, own your own actions whether by omission or commission.

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