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The Moon Map [NOT from the UN] Flache Erde (Flat Earth)
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Published 5 months ago |

The Moon Map [NOT from the UN] Flache Erde (Flat Earth) It is in German, filled with quotes from the Book of Enoch...

ORIGIN and Timeline of this Map from my experience

FIRST Appearance.

Telegram August 8th

Telegram August 9th

Telegram August 17th

Full Map 83MB:

👑 Jesus Christus unser Fliegenpilzmessias 🍄❤️ die Wahrheit

Hier als png in sehr hoher Qualität - Jesus Christ our fly agaric messiah 🍄❤️ the truth Here as png in very high quality

Aug 19 Streamed to twitter

Posted on my odysee Old German FE Map August 20th, 2022

1 click download:$/download/photo_2022-08-18_21-34-08/fae9da533dbbedd025e7622eb4887dce518272f5

First appearance on Twitter: 1:41 AM · Aug 22, 2022·Twitter for Android

Aug 20 at 10:40

 analysis, my crew. ‎Thursday, ‎August ‎25, ‎2022, ‏‎12:37:08 PM

Full Discussion livestream. 12 hour. Starts around 6 hour mark.

Other moon maps:

Moon Map Details + Download - 'Vibes of Cosmos'


From PLASMA MOON to HIDDEN LANDS Along with - [Black Sun and Moon Phases Explanation]

Black Sun and Moon Phases Explanation


Moon is not a solid object.

It is a focused plasma phenomenon.

Electromagnetic energy comes from bellow flat earth, every day with different angle.

Water is the electrolyte in this close battery system.

This electromagnetic field goes up and hits the inner side of the dome.

Then the dome reflects this magnetic field vertically in every place of it, and sent it back down.

This magnetic field that comes back down is focusing in Ionosphere in different altitude , that depends from the angle of the source bellow.

When the angle (water level – Magnetic field from bellow) is close to 90 rad , the inner reflection happens at highest part of the dome, so the reflection happens in bigger altitude in ionosphere.

The fluorescence happens in smaller altitude in Ionosphere, when the angle (water level – Magnetic field from bellow) is smaller or bigger.

That explains the moons phases.

The different altitude of this focused plasma phenomenon in Ionosphere, because of the continually and looped changing angle electromagnetic source bellow making moons phases.

Due to electromagnetism, it is the image of flat world in floor plan, mirrored top view.

Dark areas – transparent are the continents and the land of flat world and white areas the oceans.

When it goes into perspective, it’s image is getting distorted.

On Plasma Moon we can see cities, latitude, time zones of our Flatworld.

Also we can see mapping from all the continents, known and unkown...


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