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** SMALLPOX: WILL IT BE THE NEXT BIOWEAPON RELEASED ON HUMANITY? ** - Natural Remedies for Smallpox - 20/Nov/2021
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** Natural Remedies for Smallpox – pdf
Opinion: Ivermectin, HCQ, and Chlorine Dioxide all fight viruses. They are a possible remedy/prophylactic against both Smallpox and Ebola viruses. It’s not a sure thing these can be used against a synthetic Nano Bioweapon. More research will be needed, but anything is worth a try.
We all need to communicate and prepare for whatever Evil Bill Gates has in store for all of us. I would stock up now before these pharmaceuticals will be altered and rendered useless.

** Video: Jones/Mikovits Interview 31/Aug/2021:

** Videos: B.Gates Smallpox -

--- Bill Gates calls for $1 billion WHO pandemic task force to carry out “germ games”

-- Video: B.Gates Covid -
** Small Pox or Ebola: Which Plague will be Weaponized and RELEASED on Humanity Next?
-- Exposing Satanism and Witchcraft, Jon Watkins – 19/Nov/2021
- Article:
-- Or will it be another one they have Weaponized at the ready?
Back in 1999 they dug up Bodies in Alaska to get the Spanish Flu Flu. Has it been Weaponized? Six unearthed bodies yield clues to 1918 Spanish influenza outbreak; Frozen corpses found in Norwegian Arctic help scientists study virus
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** Last Month They Were Running 'Exercises' Simulating An Aerosolized Smallpox Terror Attack! From Event 201 To This Smallpox Scare, Bill Gates Hands Are Covered In Blood
- All News Pipeline, The Last Days Watchman – 20/Nov/2021
- Article:
-- While the Daily Mail recently reported that according to the CDC, the vials labeled smallpox found in Philadelphia were NOT the smallpox virus, as 'The Last Days Watchmen' point out in this new story, numerous recent 'drills' have been run that suggest deep state preparation for 'an event' while false flag terrorism often involves very specific drills and exercises being run prior to the 'events' being carried out.
On October 18, 2019, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201. They hosted it in partnership with the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and the World Economic Forum. This was a "high-level pandemic exercise" that was modeled on a "fictional coronavirus pandemic."
Two months later (December 2019) Covid-19 appeared in China. Covid-19 is a coronavirus.[2] That timing is probably why Johns Hopkins later said that they didn’t predict a coronavirus pandemic, but that was the subject of the Event 201 exercise.[3]
For years, Bill Gates has said that we need to reduce the world’s population, and that vaccines can be used to help achieve that goal. (I’ve watched him say that on YouTube, but that video may have been removed by now.) In addition, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been funding the development of vaccines. They have been working with David Rockefeller and other powerful men who have openly said that they want to significantly reduce the world’s population. You can read about this in an article titled "Bill Gates Talks About Vaccines to Reduce World Population."
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