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Maui and Lahaina fires are DEW and Plasma fires, including social media blackout
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Published 6 months ago


August 24, 2023

Please check out this video by Jeff Snyder2 on the Maui DEW and Plasma fires mirrored to Paradise, California fires and many others with the same patterns as before. While the ignorant sheeple masses believe it's wild fires and trust the authorities and the government to save them. When in fact this was another targeted attack by our Government. Is it normal for tress to burn from the inside out, but silly me it's just climate change? But of course this war against we the people won't end until the evil doers and their minions are neutralized permantely.

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Maui Fire cellphone

Amazing how the trees and the streets remain clean and are standing? How the metal is bent, twisted, and melted. There is no cell coverage, while the residents were able to receive text messages from the Government? With no warnings just like Paradise and in other towns that were deliberately targeted.

No surprise who benefits from these land grabs and depopulation agenda? Just you watch and see who buys up the land, amazing how FEMA was there, no coincidences. So much for using the DEW's and other weapons used against the evil doers and their minions? Who exactly is giving the orders and how are they getting away with this insanity? They need to be stopped sooner rather than later! From where the fires are lead to the high speed rails worldwide, something to think about isn't it?

NSA sting operation in Maui, land ownership connections, and other pieces of the puzzle

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