120) Warning: Covid-19 Vaccine Truth (Fourtillan, Rader, Schaller)
2305 views • 12/16/2020
Credits to: www.vérité
It will be normal if you find broken or blocked links, it is a battle spreading this information. We are facing the introduction of immunodeficiency in the human genome.

Alerte Vaccin - Institut Pasteur &a Microsoft ont les brevets
Channel: Sabbeda | 20/08/2020
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This video is the result of the joint work of Professor Jean-Bernard Fourtillan, Dr. Serge Rader and Dr. Christian Tal Schaller, presented by Frédéric Chaumont.

Hang on to your seat, it shakes ...
The vaccine ChAdOx1 n-CoV-19 of Pasteur Institute contains:
- The coronavirus "ChadOx1 n-CoV-19".
- 4 fragments of HIV1
- DNA sequences of the Malaria virus
- 157 DNA sequences for which no explanation is given
- nanoparticles

We can change everything. If we stand up, if we wake up, if we use our freedoms, their power stops.

es principaux liens (accessibles en cliquant sur le 2ème lien sous la seringue : "2 - File 1 - Conference The Whole TRUTH about Covid-19 and Covid-19 Vaccines August 2020") :
- Brevet de Microsoft W0 2020 060606 :

- Le coronavirus "ChadOx1 n-CoV-19" :
- 4 fragments of human immunodeficiency viruses (HIV1):
- DNA sequences of the Malaria virus: undetermined [been] broken link
- 157 DNA sequences, whose role is unexplained: undetermined [been] broken link
- nanoparticles (mentioned in the patent of Microsoft W0 2020 060606):

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Echec du Nouvel Ordre Mondial
This is the reason for the persecution of Jean-Bernard Fourtillan and Docteur Christian Tal Schaller respondents
La vérité sur TOUS les vaccins ! | November 8th, 2020:
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