Peter Navarro | Taking Back Trump's America | Sleepy Joe Draws Us Closer to an Orwellian World Ruled By Woke Scorecards
41 views • 04/25/2023

* While the good Deplorable folks in Palestine, Ohio choke on toxic chemicals, Biden drops a massive cost-burdensome regulatory beast on an economy already choking on stagflation.  Danger: Slow growth and falling wages ahead!

* Besides its burdensome scale, the Executive Order is an open recipe for steering Federal dollars to blue state communities for political purposes.

* Biden’s EO  further advances the woke and dreaded social credit score concept pioneered by the Chinese Communist Party to exert both social and political control over private citizens and

* You can easily imagine Biden’s government scorecard being extended to the business community and used in similarly ways as a cudgel to control corporate behavior in the same way that the ESG scorecard – environmental, social, and governance – is already being used to turn America’s corporations into lapdogs of the left.

* Even as the Democrats expand the Leviathan state, the Democrat’s deadly assault on the second amendment continues.  This madness must end peacefully in 2024 with the election of Donald John Trump and a return to Republican control of Congress.

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