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Human Energy Structure in the Invisible World
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Published 2 years ago |
Human beings are the most mysterious creations on the planet. The human body is a perfect biomachine, but.. WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT IT? Why don't we use our energy potential to the fullest? Have you ever been curious about what your Energy Structure is? What does it look like? Is there only Aura or maybe something more? Why do people have it? How does it work? What is intuition? Why were the pyramids built and how are they connected with the human energy structure?

This video is based on The Primordial Knowledge of the human energy structure.
In the past, ancient people possessed this Knowledge and used it in their lives.
What did they know? How did they use this Knowledge and what for?

You can find the answers about the invisible human structure, soul and other important facts in the book AllatRa — the encyclopedia of Primordial Knowledge written by Anastasia Novykh.

Download it for free:

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