Congressman in Critical Condition after Happily injecting himself with "SUPER SPECIAL VACCINE"
3515 views • 09/15/2022

David Miranda, Glenn Greenwald’s “husband,” in fifth week of intensive care shortly after vaxx virtue signaling

Mr. David Miranda is a 37-year-old Federal Congressman in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Time magazine named him “one of the world’s next generation of new leaders” in 2019. Mr. Miranda is the “husband” of 55-year-old American journalist and lawyer Glenn Greenwald. He’s best known for his Pulitzer Prize-winning work at The Guardian, reporting on documents provided to him by CIA and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Miranda and Greenwald have two adopted sons.

Mr. Miranda is a die-hard vaxx zealot. He advocates for vaccine passports.

He, like many of this brethren, compares the injections to seat belts in cars.

Both of his adopted sons have received injections.

It’s unclear how many injections Mr. Miranda has received. Brazil only allows people over 50 years old to receive second boosters. Thus it’s safe to say that Mr. Miranda received at least his third injection on June 9.


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