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#276: Reactions to My “Francis Is an Anti-Pope” Video
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Patrick Coffin Show
Published 3 months ago |
In this episode of The Patrick Coffin Show, I review some of the establishment Catholic media reactions to my recent video about Pope Benedict still being the true Pontiff, and I invite Michael Voris to a live debate on the evidence on his own Church Militant platform.

CM Resistance members across the country got emails warning members that if they agree with the conclusion of the evidence, they will be removed, as the “theory” is guilty of “deliberately leading souls astray.”
Is that so?

Points Covered in this episode
👉Various responses to the video reveal a lot about bias and group think
👉Church Militant is vehemently opposed to evidence the leadership doesn’t seem to have examined closely
👉The aversion to having uncomfortable conversations
👉A call to adult conversation
👉The reality of copycat mimesis and group think
👉Friendly debate invitation

Resources mentioned in this episode
👉Seven Pieces of Evidence That Francis Is An AntiPope video
👉My live debate with Timothy Gordon on Rules For Retrogrades (interesting thread)
👉Steve Ray’s blog smear
👉Church Militant livestream

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