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An early God Sky Earth We the people production from 2014.
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Published 2 years ago |
In 2010 a Treaty was allegedly signed by the High Contracting Powers (those running the NWO system / central Banking etc) to end the global Debt Slavery System and return the looted funds back to the people. All of which was funny money in Off Book Accounts.

What is significant about this is the Powers that were admitted their was a system and they wanted to end it! This meant ending the Debt Slavery System!

Several hundred people were signed to help in what was called a Top down - Bottom up program to reboot the planet and governance system.

... It was likely another agency bait and switch program from the get go to use the people to Free up funds which were to be siphoned away for more nefarious cabal Mixed War programs.

The irony is that the system authorized a few people with the belief that we were working to take down the NWO system and we ran with it and came up with a plan on how we would do it, and we would have done it! The vision in the Video was how we saw things at that time! I think we frightened the crap out of the system ;- Pope Benedict XVI, QEII et al had allegedly signed the Treaty to Terminate the Global Slavery System... and then Pope Benedict ceased to be Pope? Which was just about when we started making ourselves known and releasing Video's, Media... [Pope Benedict XVI - Installed:19 April 2005, Term ended:28 February 2013... ?]

None of the signatories to the Treaty signed in 2010 to my knowledge ever disavowed signing the Treaty to this day.

This Video is an early God Sky Earth We the people production from 2014. This was made by the America's team recruited under GSA to present what we the people saw as our mission which was taking down the global Talmudic Usury Debt Slavery system that was allegedly to be terminated... funding never materialized from powers that were and when we saw the Trustee allegedly driving the program appear to be CONTROLLED... core drivers of the team separated and have continued the mission Independently which missions is to un%uck the planet and wake up the people.

It should also be noted that the GSE fixed annuity element of the program was what broke the camels back for the core America's team.This idea was being forced on us. We were told that is how the program would work, everyone on earth would be given a fixed income! The Core team rejected the notion of making 8 Billion Government slaves where they could be controlled based on a Stipend! This may have been a fatal blow to the program since we would not go along with what the architects suggested was where we must go...

This Video has been uploaded to illustrate what happens when smart ordinary people are recruited to help bring about a new Golden Age on Earth. The people recruited intended to Free Humanity and those moving the program simply wanted to perpetuate their slavery scheme under a different name. This is how I would sum up what happened - The controllers want to make everyone dependent on a new system where as we the people wanted to teach everyone how to fish so that they would never be dependent on Government every again!

Many of us still work on the dream! Despite the fact we have no resources our teams did some great work in thinking through the bridge from the Debt Slavery system in how we move humanity forward from a controlled planet to a nation of Sovereign people engaged in living life to the fullest where the Vatican doctrine of Scarcity has been abolished and all were able to experience an abundant Earth as was intended for all of Humanity! It is a shame that parasites wanted to take all for themselves and enslave us all! .... Humanity will shine through however!

The truth, is we do not need permission of the system to be build a new Paradigm on earth! The people simple need to do!
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