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10/03/19 #POWERNANA: MAFIOSI PELOSI, Vatican Raid, Criminal Congress #DEADMANSWITCH
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10/3: Nancy Pelosi's long standing position in the Intelligence Committee has been central in Globalist deep state pay-for-play, subversion of US interests, and the scheme against President Trump and the Republic of the United States of America.

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Nancy Pelosi met JFK at age 17:

Please follow George Webb in his coverage of Pelosi's involvement in the "Ukraine Girls":

Please watch Greg Reece's report on what really happened during the Las Vegas Massacre, Involving Bill Gates et al:
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Please learn about SES member, Andrew Bakaj, the Clinton lawyer responsible for the Schiff Dossier:

Peter Schweizer's Government Transparency Institute reporting on Biden/Ukraine corruption:

What really happened to Seth Rich:

George Webb on Joe Biden's blackberry and the HRC Server:

These are the Dems to reach out to to say you do not support impeachment:

Please read the full CIA Whistleblower complaint:


IMPORTANT article in understanding the Ukraine roots of Russiagate:

President Trump's speech concluding the UN Assembly efforts and calling for congressional investigation of Biden and #Russiagate:
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Trump Presser after meeting with Zelensky:

Here is the history of the connections between Adam Sch_ff and the investigaton into Liddle Kidz International:

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