Trump's Transhumanism: Warp Speed, DNA Defilement, and the Rise of AI Mind Hookups
309 views • 3 months ago

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Transhumanism Trump 

Trump is taking credit for the mRNA DNA defilement vaccine that has had cancer and other aliments explode.   Now Trump is taking credit for mRNA technology to fix cancer that it causes.   What a clown show.    This vcasts cover the nano tech in you and the Microsoft 060606 patent that is bioengineering.     Also, what percent of politics is theater?    What is up with Aron Rogers being put in the political spotlight.   Why is he being raised up after a very strange injury predicted on twitter / X before it happened with precision.    Are we watching theater?   We deep dive the NY Governor putting troops in the Subway.   What is the real root cause to the issue?  Is this the FEMA camp army?   

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