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Lauda Leon : Navigating through the current Reset ! DTV & CoronaX-Files !
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Published 7 months ago |

Lauda Leon : Navigating through the current Reset ! DTV & CoronaX-Files !

Lauda Leon was my guest from Canada in this 30th Show on DTV Dimensions TV

Wednesday June 22  2022

How do we navigate through the current and upcoming phases of their current Time Project-based Reset ? There is a spiritual war going on in this facsimile version of creation to trap everyone, between a minority of us, the primes and the reals surrounded by the backdrop people (NPCs) and the corrupted hybrids who are the majority of the population. Their job is to generate a pretense for their reality, making us believe that what they’re creating is real, we’re being used to create their counterfeit reality, they’re running those programs here.

Hadron / Particle colliders are used  to create black holes to escape, exit and create a new dimensional space for them, dragging us along with them… they think they’ll be able to evade this fake reality. We are their power source, that’s the purpose for trapping everynone here…
What we’re creating is starting to dismantle everything in this counterfeit reality, the more we reject their plan, the more their quantum machines will be altered.

Staying away from Harvesting centers, the more we’ll be controlling our dreams lucidly, the greater we’ll be neutralizing all this.  Lauda developed much more of what she figured out about our destiny and our capacity for sovereignty and overturning this nefarious plan into our favor !

Lauda Leon

Lauda Leon is a life long survivor of anomalous trauma including E.T. abduction contact, MILAB experiences and paranormal phenomena. She has natural psychic abilities and deep comprehensive knowledge of quantum reality mechanics as a result of her experiences. Lauda has academic studies is anthropology, archeology, environmental politics, forensic psychology and mental health with additional studies and practice in energy work, Consegrity and Aboriginal Dreamtime Healing. She is a facilitator of quantum healing, energy reader and a practitioner of Spirit energetics in her operating capacity as a quantum energy shifter. She works as a facilitator toward personal healing, utilizing innate and learned abilities towards excavation of soul memories, created time-lines, densities and multi-dimensional realms of existence. Her continuously evolving, lifelong abilities are additionally aided via more conventional means of learning, via university studies within the fields of psychology, anthropology, archaeology and environmental politics.

Her passion involves uncovering and investigating anomalous set-ups, personality disorders and the unseen forces of paranormal interference, offering deep insight for her clients to access memories, collapse self- limiting paradigms and in turn healing core emotional wounds towards Spiritual integration and ultimately Sovereign liberation.

Her website is

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