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Arrival Of Extraterrestrial War From Fallen Elohim | Timothy Alberino | Birthright Series: Part 3
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Published 4 months ago |
Please SUBSCRIBE & SHARE! The war is coming! Are you prepared? Filmmaker and author of the new book, Birthright, Timothy Alberino joins us to talk about the plans of the dragon, if aliens are real and how they will be utilized in an upcoming galactic war, the true story of Atlantis and its hybrid inhabitants, problems within Christianity today, astrobiology, and how we can be prepared for what is coming. How will this horrendous hellscape of a posthuman / transhumanism new world order come upon us? Find out here or skip to your favorite part by using the timestamps below!

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True Legends: Episode 3: Holocaust of Giants:

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Topics Discussed:
0:00 - Introduction
1:44 - The Real Story Of Atlantis And Its Hybrid Kings
3:43 - Who Is Behind The Three Step Plan To Usher In A New Golden Age?
27:09 - Identifying Extraterrestrials And The Danger They Bring
1:13:04 - Problems Of Christians Practicing Tribalism On The Alien Question
1:33:53 - How Did Alien Beings Come Into Existence?
1:45:50 - Technology And Abilities Of The Extraterrestrial War
2:02:43 - Motivations Of Alien Beings Attacking Earth
2:08:55 - Foolishness Of Rh Negative Blood Conspiracies And Other Markers
2:18:50 - What The Mark Of The Beast Is Not
2:32:14 - Hope Of Abductees To Make Abductions Stop
2:48:15 - Final Thoughts
2:49:18 - Conclusion
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