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45 Dead and over 150 injured in Maron, Israel on 29 April 2021 celebrating Lag Ba'Omer
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Posted 29April2021 shiezoli, "Watch Live 24 Hours Lag Ba’omer in Meron 2021 שידור חי מאתרא קדישא מירון - לג בעומר תשפא": This is independent video evidence from the Live Stream of what happened in Maron, Israel. 45 Dead and over 150 injured on Thursday night 29-30April2021 - 18 Iyar 5781 as hundreds of thousands of Jews are in Meron, Israel came to celebrate Lag Ba'Omer. The holiday marks the passing of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai (Rashbi). The crucial section starts around 3hrs 37 minutes, and continues on for the next half an hour or so.

The commentary on the Pentateuch called the Zohar (Shining Light), the classical source of Jewish mysticism, is attributed to Rashbi, who lived in the 2nd century C.E, died on Lag B'Omer and is buried in Meron.

The Talmud tells how Rashbi was forced to hide in a cave with his son for twelve years in order to escape the Romans who wanted to kill him for rebellion. During this period, the Talmud relates that a carob tree and spring of fresh water were the pair's only sustenance, and that he and his son reached spiritual heights in Torah study and kabbala that made their return to the everyday world a difficult transition. Rashbi is revered as a mystic, supremely pious sage, who did not engage at all in worldly pursuits.

The night of Lag Ba'Omer, The Boyaner Hassidic Rabbi lights the first flame of the festivities at midnight and the thousands who have come to Meron continue to sing and dance through the night, chanting the refrains of various songs praising Rashbi, expressing the joy of being a Jew, calling on G-d to deliver His people from danger, and describing their confidence that He purifies them from transgressions.

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