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Alex Collier - Question and Answer Webinar 4 - December 18, 2020
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Published 3 years ago
By popular demand, Alex hosted his 4th 2-hour *LIVE* Question & Answer webinar on December 18, 2020. This webinar did not include a monologue Alex answered questions right through. Hosted by James Harkin from and JayPee formerly from (a subsidiary of Alex presented some great insight into what is happening in this world and beyond.

In 2-hours Alex answered 23 questions including some homework and sharing information on:

The dimension does the soul go after death.

The Trump vaccine vs. others.

The realm consciousness goes to while astral travelling.

How to overcome tyranny.

Admiralty law vs. Common law.

Lockdowns and mass awakenings.

Important dates.
Long-lasting marriage.

Sacred DNA and the war on perception and consciousness.

Gemstones in 5D.

The future. When Trump is no longer in office.

Tesla's magic numbers 369 and the reincarnation cycle 666.

Ascension and who is left behind.

The soul trap.

Transitioning to a galactic civilization.

War of enforcement.

An alternative view skews the perception of reality.

and many more!

Funds from this video stream will be given to Alex Collier and help us bring your Alex Collier regularly. Please do not miss this amazing opportunity to see Alex Collier on video-stream and of course provide him with some income.

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