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"RARE" is NOT a "Risk Factor" - NUMBERS Please?
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Published 5 months ago |
Pharma gives us marketing slogans like the word "rare" and this is their best "science". The ONLY "scientific method" of establishing a risk factor for vaccination, is to collect health data on the controls, i.e., entirely unvaccinated people. Since 99.1% of Americans are vaccinated, our National disease rates are an almost perfect accounting on the health of a vaccinated population, so we don't need to study them. In order to establish the first-ever NUMERICAL risk factor associated with vaccination, we're collecting data on entirely unvaccinated people for comparison against the National disease stats. Go to for more info, to see if you can help us. We go to pick a REAL fight in Federal Court soon. This depopulation agenda must be stopped, and so far, our study is exposing the fact that the single most effective method of destroying our species is by direct injection.

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