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The Inner Mind's Eye: Beyond 2020 Vision and 3D Perception - Conscious Hip Hop Video Mix ((432Hz))
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Published a year ago |
That 'ol spiritual lyrical content complimented by metaphysical visuals to assist in activating the viewer.. I really made a much bigger effort than the last 3rd eye mix by including more eclectic images that blend together to somewhat sync well with the lyrical content and melodies.. i did throw in a few clips from the old one just for a quick reminder.. no 30 minutes of zooming fractals, haha, that was a bit overkill with the last one, which is still worth checking out if you haven't already:

I hesitated a while to even finish this project being in the hour we're in, but i figured this can motivate and inspire people to realize the incredible beauty in creation, our limitless potential (if our DNA and energy template wasn't largely manipulated), and to rise above the bullshit, fear, deceit, gaslighting, propaganda, and all the rest.. I didn't want to focus so much on the 3rd eye since i did that in another mix and also since what most people are operating on is a counterfeit overlay of the whole chakra system.. feels like walking on a tight rope to not come off new agey with all the spirituality, which is why i'm attempting to portray this album dualistically; i.e. seeing thru the bs on both fronts- negative and positive, since there is plenty of disinfo in both camps.. positive being the false light pseudo-spirituality and escapism.. we are here to break free from the bondage that this matrix has had over us for eons.. we're not here to escape, we're here to reclaim this earth and banish this matrix and all the archon factions with it.

forget 3rd eye vision.. if you cannot see what's going on with just your own 2 eyes in the year 2020, you're really going to struggle with the Truth and possibly never get it in this lifetime unfortunately.. and what's worse is that you will object and argue with people like me who are in line with the Truth (Natural Law) and are trying to help them become aware of the deception and obfuscation of what's really true.. Now isn't it ironic how many people were acting cool and joking around about having that 20-20 vision, being in the year that we're in, yet how many people still cannot see the forest thru the tress? still believing the msm and cherry picked "qualified" speakers to misinform us so that we support and remain apathetic with the lockstep agenda that was written years ago by the rockefeller foundation that is slowing taking away what little freedoms and collective dignity we have left.. and will continue unless we stand up and say no in large numbers..

i did include 3 original music videos from the respected artists, eithre guess which ones they are right now, or cheat and peek at the tracklist.. choice is yours.. haha.. i will say that 2 of them had sub-par video quality, that would be my only critique..


Evolution - Nu Vision Project
Eye Candy (Overstandings Improv AYM Remix) - Source of Labor ft. Makia
Beyond The Horizon - Mindz Eye
Capitol Eye - Darkleaf
I Am No Earthling - ATMA (with original music video)
Third Eye Open - Kropz (with original music video)
Triple Optics (Snippet) - Dilated Peoples
Raven - MEDL4 x Sethikus Boza
Third Eye View - Poetic Science (with original music video)
Wordsmith (snippet) - Satori & Steve Spiffler
The Third Eye of the Tempest - Kikwaakew
New Dimensions - Zioni I ft. Knowmatic
IMI (Inner Mind's Intermission) - Various cuts/cats
3rd Eye Flies (Freestyle) - Bicasso
Fluid - Stacey Epps (Sol Uprising)
Eye Invasion - Style M.I.S.I.A.
C.U. - John Robinson (Lil Sci)
Eyes Wide Open (snipet) - DJ Logic
Imagination (snippet) - DJ Cue ft. Anteres
3rd Eye of The Storm Interlude - Various cuts/cats
See Inside - P Way
Walking Through a Field of Melting Clocks - Nick Johnson x Alexandra Meadors, Sethikus Boza & George Kavassilis
Paradigm Shift - Acid Reign ft. Neila
Neglected Reflections - The Beat Poets

This will be possibly the last full length video mix like this that i will produce for a while, if not longer or indefinitely.. unless i get persuaded and motivated by seeing at least 100k views on videos like this.. i can't settle for so much time spent on content that gets paltry viewership.. but i could film my cat real quick and get a cool million views, but that doesn't inspire a soul really.. but that's the kind of attention people have, but obviously these days everyone's focus is on the global plandemic and rightfully so, which is also why i cannot continue making content like this in good conscious.. cuz we all need to speak up and speak out directly and effectively against all the crimes against humanity and derail and obliterate the transhuman, draconian, and medical marshal law timelines to name a few

Broadcasting from southern france where geoengineering is beyond belief right now- no chemtrails needed since most planes in the world have been grounded for a while..

Stay healthy, empowered and in alignment with Natural Law out there! take care
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