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School Vaccine Mandates Are Not Happening
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School Vaccine Mandates Are Not Happening

The enthusiasm for requiring kids to get their shots has mostly evaporated

▪️31% of children between 5-11 have been fully vaccinated (USA)

▪️3% of children under 5 have had their first dose since 20th July (USA)

▪️No state in the country is planning to require student vaccinations

WSJ - ‘Covid Vaccine Mandates Heighten School Inequity’ :

‘if mandates were strictly enforced at least two thirds of black adolescents in Washington and half in New Orleans

wouldn’t be allowed in the classroom...

The risk of serious disease from ‘covid’ has always been low in otherwise healthy children’

The truth is now becoming mainstream knowledge



1.) Children have a 99.997% chance of a complete recovery.

2.) Shots are still experimental.

3.) They don't stop infection or transmission.

4.) The New York State Department of Health determined that after two doses, the effectiveness was 12%.

5.) The booster trials never looked at efficacy.

6.) The CDC has already acknowledged that kids who have gotten the shot are more likely to get infected with COVID than kids who have never gotten the shot.

7.) Kids who get the shot are more prone to pericarditis, myocarditis, and hepatitis.

8.) Pfizer's data shows that you have a 107 times greater chance of death from the shot than you do from getting infected.

Dr. Peterson Pierre: "It's time to say no. The future of the next generation rests with us."

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