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The Matrix. A Demiurgic Loosh Harvesting System
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Sergeant Schultz
Published 2 years ago |
Soul Recycling means that after your death you will be tricked to get into a new body (reincarnation) but before that your memories will be erased. This is associated with saṃsāra (birth-rebirth cycle). Ascension means: freedom of the karma-wheel. Human life is at bondage to a repeated process of rebirth, each life subject to injury, disease and aging, seen as a cycle of suffering. How do you escape? Thru Gnosis! The Mandaeans are the last keepers of real gnostic knowledge on earth: Mandaeans are a community, practicing Gnosis with a strongly dualistic worldview. Its adherents revere especially John the Baptist (and not Jesus). The Mandaeans group existence into two main categories: light and dark. All good is thought to have come from the World of Light (i.e. lightworld) and all evil from the World of Darkness. Mandaeans consider the body, and all material, worldly things, to have come from the Dark, while the soul (sometimes referred to as the mind) is a product of the lightworld. The world is a mixture of light and dark created by the Demiurge (Ptahil) with help from dark powers, such as Ruha (="Holy Ghost"), the Seven (planets), and the Twelve (zodiac signs). Adam’s body (i.e. the first human created) was fashioned by these dark beings; however, his “soul” (or mind) was a direct creation from the Light. Therefore, many Mandaeans believe the human soul is capable of salvation because it originates from the lightworld. The soul, sometimes referred to as the “inner Adam” or “hidden Adam,” is in dire need of being rescued from the Dark, so it may ascend into the heavenly realm of the lightworld.

The Mandaean Gnosis:

1. The cosmos is created by Archetypal Man, who produces it in similitude to his own shape.
2. Dualism: a cosmic Father and Mother, Light and Darkness, Right and Left, syzygy in cosmic and microcosmic form.
3. As a feature of this dualism, counter-types, a world of ideas.
4. The soul is portrayed as an exile, a captive; its home and origin are the supreme Entity, to which the soul eventually returns.
5. Planets and stars influence fate and human beings, and are also places of detention after death.
6. A saviour spirit or saviour spirits which assist the soul on the journey through life and after it to 'worlds of light.'
7. John the Baptist was the rightful prophet of God, NOT Jesus. This was later picked up by the Knights Templar.

Ascension and Organic Portals (=Soulless People/Pre-Adamic Man):
In his book "Gnosis", Boris Mouravieff introduces the concept of two races of humanity. These are respectively called Adamic and pre-Adamic man. The Cassiopaeans use the term "organic portal" to refer to a pre-Adamic man. The difference between Adamic and pre-Adamic man is that pre-Adamic man does not have an individuated soul. In all other respects, pre-Adamic man is indistinguishable from Adamic man. Pre-Adamics do not have the so-called "higher centers". If one attributes soul qualities to pre-Adamic man, one is seeing a reflection of another's soul in the pre-Adamic and mistaking it for the individuated soul of the Adamic man. In the natural state of matters, the pre-Adamic form would be an intermediate step between a species soul pool as exists in the animal kingdom and the fully individuated soul of an esoterically developed human. At the present time, however, fourth density service to self forces exploit pre-Adamic man as a tool, often for derailing attempts at esoteric work. Pre-Adamic man is native to the present third density Earth and is not subject to the Biblical Fall of man. In a sense, pre-Adamics are even better suited to this world than Adamics, who carry a longing to a dimly remembered Edenic state. Human gene pool is so mixed that Adamics and pre-Adamics can coexist in the same families and no outward test can be used for determining the nature of any one person. Even if one possessed an individuated soul in potential, one would be little different from a similar pre-Adamic person until undertaking esoteric development. Psychopaths are, according to the Cassiopaeans, "malfunctioning pre-Adamics."

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