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The Left is Planning Treason & the GOP Wants to Fund It
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Thomas Renz
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Published 3 months ago

"NBC News reported this weekend that the left wing lunatics in the military industrial complex are actively working to commit sedition and treason. Apparently these people are colluding with NGOs and other entities to plan to directly oppose the commander and chief's work if Trump wins again. This IS the deep state and an open admission that the bureaucrats - and not our elected officials - have decided to take control of our country.

The worst part of this is that we could stop it, but instead, we are funding it. The GOP is actively working to pass Democrat spending bills that will allow this treason and sedition to occur. I think we need to ask what sort of honeypot info the FBI/CIA/Deep state has on these guys to get them to support this nonsense and betray the nation.

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