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What are Psychopaths? Q&A with Laura Knight-Jadczyk
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Published 2 years ago |
Possibly one of the best kept secrets of the horrors of human history. Many psychologists consider psychopaths to be a separate species that is only human-like, that preys on human beings.
Psychopathy and the Occult -

From an esoteric standpoint we can see the psychopath as a specialized reflection of the thought center of non-being. The psychopath's action is primarily destructive, also often for the psychopath himself, although psychopaths do not have pronounced directly suicidal tendencies, they may die as a result of excess or recklessness. Cleckley describes the psychopath as a disintegrating person that has turned essentially against all that is forward looking or progressing. In promoting chaos, the psychopath may be surprisingly clever or inventive, thus perverting what creativity there may be. This illustrates the metaphysical contradiction of service to self: A force that denies all creation still has to borrow from creation in order to function. Also, the capacity for denial of the obvious and selective recall is typical of the wishful thinking associated with service to self.

The Cassiopaeans have said that a psychopath was a malfunctioning 'organic portal.' This is different from the forces of 4th density STS or the human elements deliberately working on STS polarization, although they may in many instances look the same. The STS polarizing beings would seem to have more discipline and conscious control and not have the flakiness of the psychopath. However, They are a higher grade of the same theme, as it were and not 'better,' simply more 'together' and smarter.'

The Gurdjieffian term for psychopath is hasnamuss. Gurdjieff also uses the word psychopath but this in the more generic sense of mental aberration. We note that the term did not get its current meaning until Gurdjieff completed his books. The hasnamuss is capable of crystallization and can accede to a state of eternal condemnation and exile. The hasnamuss has a certain lasting being, yet is opposite to 'being,' as Gurdjieff uses the word.

In terms of little 'I's, we could say that the psychopath is unusually non-integrated. The little 'I's flow past each other as if unimpeded by their contradictions, thus the psychopath can lie credibly and may even believe the lies or at any rate disconnect these from any doubt or contrary little I. The case of multiple personality is much different, since there we could say that the little 'I's are strongly compartmentalized, which does not seem to be the case of the psychopath. Also Mouravieff's description of the chimera, as a man with only moving and thinking centers approaches the idea of psychopath but is not quite the same.

Other Worldly Rulers -
Psychopathy and the Occult -
Oroborus Killer + Liberator of Mankind -
Soulcatcher + Gatekeeper -
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