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Vaxx Shedding DEADLY For Dr. Buttar Break Free From Big Pharma & Vaccine Shedding Epidemic
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Stew Peters Show

May 24, 2023

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Dr. Jen VanDeWater from the Wellness Company is here to talk about the great work she is doing by educating patients on how they can break free from the hold Pharma has on their lives.

Doctors have created a hellscape and have become poison pushers.

The industry of Big Pharma is fueled by over prescribing medications that create dependency and side effects.

The Wellness Company is working tirelessly with patients to break free from Big Pharma.

They do this by encouraging the patient to evaluate their health as a whole and not compartmentalize health issues the way Big Pharma operates.

Colleges and universities are brainwashing the next generation to never think critically and always comply with the medical industrial complex’s demands.

Humanity is at stake and the Wellness Company will continue their great work to wake people up and save lives.

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