Decentralize TV about food redundancy and resiliency through wild foods foraging
55 views • 3 days ago

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- Decentralizing food supply with wild food expert Daniel Vitalis. (0:24)

- The nutritional differences between domesticated and wild plants. (3:54)

- Wild foods and their importance for survival. (8:01)

- Natural protein powders, including black walnut and elk antler. (23:50)

- Climate change, habitat loss, and consumerism. (26:26)

- Eating insects as a sustainable food source. (34:28)

- Decentralization, self-reliance, and food scarcity. (39:40)

- Plant identification apps and their accuracy. (52:11)

- Hunting and preparing squirrels for food. (57:33)

- Wild foods, AI, and survival strategies. (1:04:10)

- Local food production and self-sufficiency. (1:11:06)

- Food self-sufficiency, air rifles, and zombie survival. (1:18:51)

- Unincorporated nonprofit associations and their benefits. (1:24:25)

- Privacy-focused tech and sponsorships. (1:29:53)

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