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Finding God in Ancient China 2hrs - Part 2 of 2
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Published 9 months ago |
Finding God in Ancient China 2hrs - Part 2 and 2
Because this information is becoming suppressed, we have uploaded it to the Arcana-X account. The evidence presented strongly suggests that the early Chinese followed the God of the Hebrews. Upon further research, the information contained in Part 1 has been largely agreed upon by many scholars both Christian and secular. Part 2 is only partially agreed upon by religious and secular scholars, based upon the analysis of two books “Selections from the History of Later Han” and “Fire Over Luoyang - A History of the Later Han Dynasty”. It more strongly appears that the book called “Finding God in Ancient China” was taking things out of context when making it appear that the Chinese had any idea about Jesus during the time of Christ life and at the time of his death, but Part 1 in this two-part series appears to be quite accurate. As always, do your own in-depth research into controversial topics. –
References and Research:
*Book: “The Restoration of the Han Dynasty” by Hans Bielenstien. Contains detailed information about the Later Han.
*Book: “Finding God in Ancient China: How the Ancient Chinese Worshiped the God of the Bible” (Ancient evidence in China for Jesus, confirming the biblical record) by Chan Kei Thong & Charlene L. Fu.;referer=brief_results
*Book: “The discovery of Genesis: how the truths of Genesis were found hidden in the Chinese language” by C. H. Kang and Ethel R. Nelson.;referer=brief_results
*Book: “God's promise to the Chinese” by Ethel R. Nelson, Richard E. Broadberry and Ginger Tong Chock.;referer=brief_results
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*Book: “Fire over Luoyang A History of the Later Han Dynasty 23-220 AD Series: Sinica Leidensia, Volume: 134” by Rafe de Crespigny.
*Online Resource: “The Lamb of God hidden in the ancient Chinese characters” by Kui Shin Voo & Larry Hovee.
*Online Resource: “Chinese Characters and Genesis” by Answers in Genesis.
*Online Resource: History of the later Han online.

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