Dangerous Escalation
914 views • 05/24/2022

Rage Machine

* It’s clear that libs have contempt for you — i.e. those they represent.

* At NPR, they use tax $ to lecture you.

* They called Ronald Reagan an idiot.

* They lost their minds in 2016.

* Their social programs have clearly failed.

* Dems have no interest in toning down their rage.

* The left: time to burn it down and just start over.

* [Bidan] promised hope, but only delivered division.

* He made no attempt to unite the country.

* Dems treat their political rivals like criminals.

* The left: Jan 6th was basically 9/11, Pearl Harbor.

* Name-calling is no longer enough for Dems.

* Disagree with them? You must be a traitor!

* Arrest anyone who disagrees with Biden!

* It’s time for Dems to de-escalate the rhetoric.

The full version of this segment is linked below.

Tucker Carlson Tonight | 23 May 2022


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