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Lethal Injection 2: A Corruption of Blood (Part 1)
Published 3 years ago
Looking for my first Lethal Injection documentary (2011)?


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What is Lethal Injection 2: A Corruption of Blood (Part 1)?

This video-book series will be a complete master class and examination, history, and expose of the medical, Pharma, University, and governmental structure behind the organized crime of modern "medicine" and the so-called pseudo- "science" that supports it. From eugenics (genetics) to sterilization through inoculation, the full gamut of medical malpractice is covered herein, revealing the medical profession to be the number one most harmful and deadly killer in the world.

Doctors kill more people than any disease, any virus, and have certainly destroyed more lives than any war. Prescription, pharmaceutical drugs have defined the course of each generation in the last 100 years and beyond, turning each new generation against the last. Until we can willingly break free of this cycle, of both the physical and spiritual dependence on government-protected drugs and drug-makers, there can be no hope of finding peace and happiness, and no hope for children or their own.

In part one of Lethal Injection 2, we barely scratch the surface of the problem, by examining and questioning the unwarranted trust and license to harm and kill bestowed upon prescribing doctors, through the syndicalism of university and governmental statuses, protections, and insurances for what has become an institutionalized practice (art) of malpractice, where any semblance of science and Natural healing be damned.

The first step in our collective recovery process is perhaps the most difficult: we must cast away our unwarranted, blind faith and dependence in the flattering title of the drug-pushing doctor. We must stop supporting that medical cult, the harbinger of pestilence, disease, and death. We must fire our Medical Doctors.

Look for the continuation of this series, parts two and three, coming sometime in 2021.

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