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Published 7 months ago |
Vaccine Injured Mother Who Was In A Vaccine Trial Speaks Out

Other Headlines: Jan 16 2020

What to know about Biden’s plan to ship Americans 1 billion free at-home COVID tests

Solar Storm Warning: Geomagnetic Storm To Hit Impact Earth Today

Tsunami Alert For US West Coast And Alaska After Huge Underwater Volcano Erupts 🌋

The Secret Nazi Archive That Documenting The Holocaust

Auschwitz Museum condemns Republican congressman who compared vaccine cards to the Holocaust

Rep. Warren Davidson becomes the latest GOP lawmaker to compare COVID-19 policies to Nazi Germany

What The 1918 Spanish Flu Death Toll Tells Us About Covid-19 CoronaVirus Pandemic

What Is Special about 'O' Type Positive Blood

Huge Asteroid Coming Towards Earth 3500 ft wide. Will Pass Us Close By. (They say)

US's fleet of more than 9,000 helicopters including air ambulances could be grounded after 5G wireless rollout on January 19 because the network interferes with choppers' radar altimeter
By Stacy Liberatore For

New study provides first evidence of non-random mutations in DNA(This goes against one of the key assumptions of the theory of evolution).
By Harry Baker published

Liberals pledge $1 billion for cities to buy motels, hotels, homes
The federal Liberals plan to spend $1 billion over the next six months so cities and housing providers can buy properties being sold because of the COVID-19 pandemic and use them to keep people from becoming homeless.
(How about STOP the pandemic!! People wouldn't be going homeless)

5 million become homeless over the past year

Important Things you should know. How the germ theory disproved Covid by it's own epidemiology, it proved covid was a hoax from the very beginning.
- The flu and cold viruses come and go in about a 6 week time span. That's how long it takes natural herd immunity.
- The Flu and Cold viruses are seasonal. Once before spring ang once after fall.
-Its called a cold because it cannot survive heat. A cold cannot exist in the summer. it's 60° that kills it. If your house is warner than 60° and it's warmer than 60° outside, how can you get infected folks? The answer is, you can't!!
Your body temp is 98.6° that is well above 60°. So think about it. How can it survive inside of you? It's not a living thing.
- Do you know what a Fever really is? It's your body's defense mechanism to kill off harmful bacterial infection. 102° kills about any bacteria. That why your body elevates the temperature. What do the doctors give you, ways to reduce the temperature so your body can't do its thing; protecting you.
- If you have sniffles or a cough in summertime, it's not covid, it's from something else! They are poisoning you in various ways. Water, air, food.
Don't be fooled by their lies. They constantly are changing things around and hiding the facts from you.
- If your sick, you know you are sick, unless you took the vaccine, then it's possible you may not know unless you have the test. Which is a reason why people are dying from it.
- Anything that is pushed on you, violates your human rights. This is how you know the pushers are malicious never benevolent. Don't give them the reasonable doubt.

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