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People Screaming Out of Their Windows After a Week of Total Lockdown Shanghai!
Published 2 years ago
[09.04.2022] -> Can Not leave their apartment for any reason in Shanghai, China. #shorts
Note: Satanic Psychopathic Facism in Plain Sight - This is the World our children grow up in...

Ruth Terreri . 8 hours ago: It’s like January of 2020 again. :(

This is wicked treatment of people who know they should be free but wicked men with wicked lies oppress them in the name of healt and care for people. This will lead to suicides and killings... You cannot oppress and subdue a people there will be a backlash. May God bless the people of Shanghai with truth love and freedom. God help you all...this really upsets me to see people imprisoned in their own homes. Fear turns people crazy.

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