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DC Police Coordinated With ATIFA in Attacking the Capitol Building - Witness Testimony and Supporting Video
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Published 3 years ago
New evidence 17 Feb. 2021 from reporter Bob Powell

The "Trump supporter attack" on the DC Capitol was completely FAKE. ANTIFA and BLM impostors, helped along by the DC police themselves! Doors opened for them, and police actually leading the way.

Antifa, which sarcastically claims to be "anti-fascist", uses fascist intimidation and false flags to undermine peaceful protest, and further support the criminal vote fraud of 2020.

Using gang memeber identification signs, such as wearing certain kinds of camouflage and turning MAGA hats backward at certain times, they coordinate with each other, with certain police officers, and military. Antifa is used as a controlled opposition "enemy" of corrupt government and police. Antifa helps them create excuses for shutting down legitimate protest, and framing political enemies.

The Ashli Babbit 'shooting' - also completely fake. Ashli's real name is Ashley Nylen AKA Cleland AKA McDonald. She works for the Colorado government, and her husband is a Washington DC doctor who lives right there on Pennsylvania ave.. A Black Lives Matter professional street thug was the one who shot video for the event. See our videos showing he backpack bleeding, while there is no injury of her neck (where she was supposedly "shot").

The whole obvious purpose for this being, to divert attention away from the massive vote fraud crimes of 2020, and attempting to discredit anyone who objects to pedo Joe Biden being installed under the pretenses of fraud.

More related videos can be easily downloaded at;

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