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What's Happening in Hawaii, Dragon Energy of Mu, the Goddess-Warrior Nafanua & Prayer of Protection
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Awakening Magick
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Published 7 months ago

In this impromptu video, I uncover truths around the information that I've received in my visions this past week, and by tapping into the consciousness of Earth (Gaia or Pachamama), and I wanted to share my visions and knowings with you with some fundamental truths of what's really going on in Hawaii.

Within the deep waters below the powerful energetic space of that entire region, there is much happening and that is imperative to know. The entire area that spanned the waters of the Pacific Ocean, this region is the Womb Chakra of our realm.

There is powerful Celestial Dragon Energy of "Ancient" Mu that is within and is of interest to evil beings that want to try to stop the birth of the New Earth ...

There are some hard truths we must know about the fires going on, and I offer a Prayer of Protection to all the people of Hawaii and to the land, as well as the entire region of the Pacific Ocean and the West Cost of the states as well.

For this prayer of protection, I bring in the beautiful Polynesian Goddess-Warrior that came to me in my visions, Nafanua.


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