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Toxic Geo-engineering Chemtrail Operations! Ongoing over New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia
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Alex Hammer
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Published 13 days ago

🚨Extremely Heavy Toxic Geoengineering Chemtrail Operations!🚨

Ongoing over New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Oregon, Northern California, Pacific Ocean, and much more!☠️

Massive H.A.A.R.P. Microwave Energy over Southern Australia, Tasmanian, Gulf of Mexico, Idaho, Colorado, and much more!

🆘Very Heavy Chemtrail Fallout from the Gulf of Mexico!

Tonight's! Man-Made Electrical Storms, Toxic Chemtrail, Weather Report from The Real Fisherman!🎣

🔎All I can do, is show you what I see and what I see is Extremely Unusual! 👀

🥷We must keep it up Warriors! These Geoengineering Weather Control Operations are so large now, it is undeniable what is going on!☠️

🙏Want to Welcome all the New Warriors to Our Platform!⚔️I have Spent Hours Searching for You All! Sharing My Videos & My Message to Platforms, All over Twitter, looking for the Warriors, that still Cares about this Planet!🌎

🥷We have shown Unbelievable Evidence of Their(Mad Scientist) Technologies in all of Our Videos,🧑‍🔬They(Mad Scientist) used to Create these Storms! The Chemtrails Sprayed in Our Atmosphere and how Toxic is! How it's Destroying All Life, From the Ocean, to the Birds, to the Bugs!

📵We must put down the Hypnosis Devices, Mad Scientist have Created for Us to be Deceived, Divided, and Distracted! We have No Choice!⚔️We Must Unite and Fight these Lunatics that are Controlling every Aspect of Our Lives!

🎣Commercial Fisherman, Standing By! We Must Realize, We are Under Hypnosis!

👮OUR Uniformed Personnel! Must Stand With The People! Not The Corporate Corrupt Government(Mad Scientist)! We Have Today!🆘👇

🎣Real Fishing Life is now accepting donations, from the Warriors that can afford to Help Create Funding for Equipment & to Keep the Wheels on this Truth Train, a Rolling! Even a Dollar Donation💸 can make a Difference!🙏❤️

Real Fishing Life

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Real Fishing Life

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