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Argentina, Chile' & - How the CIA & US Capitalist Imposed Brutal and Experimental Neoliberal Reforms in Latin America with Sponsored Fascist Dictatorships & Death Squads
Published 11 days ago

The Chicago Boys (focus on Chile')

How the C.I.A. and the US capitalist falcons imposed brutal and experimental Neoliberal reforms in Latin America with sponsored fascist dictatorships and death squadrons.

New Argentinian president Milei claims to be a "libertarian" and a "freedom lover" but the truth is that his extreme neo liberal policies are not new to Latin America. The dismantling of the "welfare state" by dictatorial regimes was a constant in the late 20th century in the continent.

Argentina's new President-elect Milei stated that, before taking office, he plans to visit the United States and Israel. (It's puppet masters)

The head of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs today invited Milei "to deepen cooperation" and to relocate the Argentine embassy to Jerusalem (currently in Tel Aviv).


Argentina’s Pro-US President-Elect Won’t be Able to Withdraw from BRICS: Ex-Envoy

🇦🇷 Argentina's President-elect, Javier Milei, is set to usher in a pro-American stance, aligning with the U.S. However, his bold vow to withdraw from BRICS might face significant hurdles.

🌐 Rengaraj Viswanathan, a former Indian Ambassador to Buenos Aires, explained to Sputnik India that the “radical foreign policy ideas” proposed by Milei, won’t be realized for the simple reason that the incoming president didn’t have the necessary political and institutional backing.

“He doesn’t have a majority in the Congress. The other major parties—both leftist and those on the right—have more MPs than those who support his La Libertad Avanza (LLA), or the Freedom Advances Party,” Viswanathan stated.

◾️Moreover, Viswanathan predicted that Milei won’t be able to survive beyond his first four-year term, much like Trump or Bolsonaro.

◾️Russia, which will host the BRICS Summit next year, has expressed hope that it would be able to maintain its stable ties with Argentina under the new President.

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