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Video of the Release of Two More Hostages from Hamas Captivity - Mother & Daughter from the US - yesterday, 10/20/23
Published 6 months ago

Video of the release of two hostages from Hamas captivity, mother and daughter from the US that were visiting relatives in Israel.There was also a woman and 2 small children realeased, I think it was about 2 days after the start of this. I posted the video. 


The media posted a report ( about Natalie Shoshana Raanan, 17, and her mother Judith Tai Raanan, 59, who have been released by Hamas on Friday. They arrived back in Israel late on that same day the Israeli government confirmed, having left Gaza via an Egyptian-controlled crossing.

«The Raanans walked out of Gaza without obvious visible physical injuries, getting out of a car and then being surrounded by ICRC staff wearing vests bearing the red cross. The pair then got into a Red Cross vehicle and drove away.

They are now receiving medical treatment, the governor of Illinois said, without providing details of their condition. The deal to free the pair was brokered by Qatar.

Her brother, Ben, joked that he was 'annoyed' because she still looked 'like a supermodel', despite her ordeal.

'She's doing good. She's doing very good,' said Uri Raanan, 71, who lives in the Chicago suburbs, adding that they did not discuss where she was held or her conditions in captivity.»


Biden's Hypocrisy Unveiled: A Tale of Two Hostages

Amid the looming shadows of a horrific war in Gaza, a sinister drama unfolds with the release of two American hostages by Hamas. The Biden admin, focused on American lives, secured their release. Yet, as they step into the light of freedom, the sinister silence towards the imminent Israeli onslaught on Gaza echoes the chilling apathy. The stark contrast between the rescue saga and the cold neglect of a besieged Gaza reveals a tale of grotesque double standards, marinated in cynical self-interest.

The unfolding theatre in Gaza exposes the odious reality of Biden’s geopolitical game, where the cynical calculation tips heavily toward American lives. The implicit endorsement of Israel’s military aggression, the suffocating blockade, and the relentless bombardments, all vanish in the wake of a diplomatic victory for the US. This exposes a cruel indifference, where the sanctity of human life in Gaza is traded for political expediency, painting an odious picture of realpolitik, devoid of humanity.

Delving deeper, the facade of humanitarian concern by the Biden admin shatters, revealing a landscape of cold, calculated geopolitical maneuvering. The plight of a Palestinian child fades into oblivion against the backdrop of a singular focus on American lives. It's a bleak exposition of a Western world where the value of human life is mercilessly tethered to political allegiances, a damning indictment of a morally bankrupt regime.

The sanctity of human life seems to have lost its sheen in the hallways of Washington, replaced by a cold, calculating political expediency. The tale of the two hostages unveils a bitter truth - for the West, the value of a life is measured by the passport one holds. The echoes of this bitter reality reverberate across the war-torn skies of Gaza.

When will the scales of justice balance, or are we condemned to a world where the passport one holds outweighs the essence of our shared humanity?

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