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Pandemic Town Hall
Published 3 years ago
Purpose: COVID is not a death sentence. Schools, businesses and places of worship can be safely re-opened. Current treatments are available that are proven to be safe and effective for treating COVID. Physician access to therapies is currently being blocked by many state governors, state medical boards, state pharmacy boards. This is a direct interference of the physician-patient relationship. Those state boards have allowed MANY other therapies that are also already approved by the US FDA to be used off-label for ALL other medical conditions which doctors treat; so why not for COVID as well?

Host: KC Craichy is a health researcher, author, and recognized expert on superfood nutrition, natural health and sports performance, he is Founder & CEO of Living Fuel - The Leader in Superfood Nutrition. KC and his wife Monica are Co-hosts of the popular online health program Living Fuel TV.

Special Thanks:
1. United Medical Freedom Super PAC (UMFSP) for supporting and helping make these Town Halls possible. The UMFSP is a nonpartisan effort to regain medical liberty for ALL Americans. Unlike other SuperPACs, the UMFSP support candidates from ANY political party who will help regain medical liberties for ALL Americans. To become a member, please visit Thank you to the United Medical Freedom Super PAC for producing the important series of Pandemic Town Hall meetings.
2. John Radell of Faith and Freedom Coalition of Delaware ( and Pastor Brian Gibson of and others who encouraged pastors to partner with physicians in providing information and support to their congregations so that they are empowered to be unafraid and freely congregate.

1. George Fareed, MD
2. Pierre Kory, MD
3. Leigh Erin Connealy, MD

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