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What Will it Take for You to FINALLY ADMIT that We NEVER WENT to the MOON
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Published 3 months ago |
This is part of "THE MOON IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK" series, so pay attention, we're just getting started.
Truthers are going to just love this video; it includes:
- The retarded AcrotNot who tells you "we lost the technology to go to the moon..."
- Another NASA actorNot in the ISS CGI Studio admits that nobody has ever left earths orbit(not that there is such a thing as an "orbit" to actually leave...) Remember, their sorcery requires that at some point they must tell the truth.
- The 21st Century ORION Acrotnot who explains how difficult it is to attempt to design a "space capsule" and suit that can withstand the "dangerous" Van Allen Radiation Belt
- What the so-called "Dangerous" Van Alen Radiation Belts allegedly are.
- The oblivious Apollo 12 Actornot who didn't even know he went through what "they" can't seem to figure out how to get through here in the 21st Century - "Intense Radiation" doesn't seem to affect 20th century actornots - lol

Original On the Rob Skiba youtube channel:;sort=p&flow=grid
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