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The real truth about vaccines.
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Published 10 months ago |
They have never proved vaccines work better yet they have never proved an unvaccinated child or adult spread anything. Our Biochemistry and ancient ancestors prove viruses are not contagious. This s all the proof you need. Rockerfeller medicine suppressed the truth because they can't make money off of healthy people. Viruses are naturally occurring in the human body to rid the body of toxins. Cold weather seems to activate your internal clock depending on the amount of toxins you accumulate over a period of time. So if one person gets sick in your home why do others in the home sometimes and sometimes not get sick as well? It's very simple. You live, eat and drink the same things. Your toxin levels are generally the same therefore if one gets sick it changes the mental state of everyone in the household and BOOM now they get sick. Illness can be brought on by mental awareness of another person's illness. I am not talking about cancers and heart disease. Simple natural detox periods can be brought on by a negative mental state. I had the flu about 5 years ago. Not 1 person in my home got sick but me. There is 6 of us. I work 12 hours a day. My toxin levels are probably higher because of my diet from machines at work. We do generally eat healthy at home. I spend a lot of time away from home. Eating crap processed foods. It's the first time I have been sick since I was 13. I am 51 and have not been sick since. Why? Because I stopped eating the processed shit at work. VIRUSES ARE NOT CONTAGIOUS. Look up "Corona debunked by biochemistry" on YouTube. Video is by ODD TV. great video will explain it all. From the 1918 Spanish flu LIE to the Rockerfeller suppression of science and doctors findings on expiriments with the influenza virus. If the video is not there hit me up I can get it to you. [email protected] Take your mask off hug your kids and stop complying with this fake ass pandemic. The only pandemic in the country that nobody seems to care about is 800,000 children going missing every year in which less than half are ever seen again. Child sex trafficking is the real pandemic and they want to keep you busy while they keep taking our children through kidnap and abortion. We are a consumer product to these sick bastards and their reign of terror is over.
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